Maternity – Twin Sisters

Pregnancy is a very special time in any woman’s life and it’s twice as amazing if you get to share it with your sister, ….who is your twin and who is also pregnant;)Even though this was a complete coincidence, Ania and Eva are actually due three weeks apart, which is also amazing (technically, they could have their babies on the same day)

Oh, and by the way they are BOTH having …. well I cannot say, you’re just gonna have to be patient!

So for this shoot I had to do something both unforgettable and original, and not something that could be easily duplicated.

Baby Olivia

Congratulations to Donna and John – their beautiful Baby Olivia is here!  Here are some shots from her first photo session

Ashley + Luke + Baby Benjamin

This wasn’t Ben’s first photo session, Lucas and Ashley had brought him into the studio back in February for his newborn pictures.  My, my how Ben has grown!!  

Donna + John Expecting

Donna and John, our past wedding clients, are expecting their first baby in September!  They have decided to have their session in their beautiful home instead of in the studio.  Here are a few shots.

Their other Baby also managed to stay still for a few shots;-)

Waiting for the Baby

Since we’re always hiding behind the camera, sometimes we forget how much fun it is to be in front of the camera.  We wanted something candid for our “Waiting for the Baby” session.

Photos by Randy, to inquire about Randy’s availability please call 780.910.4800